• Redesign of courtyard for greater audience movement and appeal;
  • Restore bell tower and facade to original aesthetic; 
  • Incorporate complementary lighting, building and event signage.

Lower Hall:

  • Expansion of the lobby; repositioning stairway for easier access to second floor;
  • State-of-the-art kitchen will improve facilities for conference and group events and allow growth for future educational culinary opportunities;
  • Centralized washroom facilities;
  • Increased natural light by re-opening blocked windows;
  • Treating pillars in lower hall with new fire-retardant products and adding heritage decorative detail to allow for reducing their size and increasing sight-lines for lower hall events;
  • Lowering floor levels in north wing to current lower hall level;
  • Essential upgrades required to meet current building and safety codes, including electrical upgrades and roof replacement;
  • Replacing outdated HVAC - heating, ventilation & air-conditioning - equipment for greater efficiency.​

Upper Hall:

  • Audience comfort and safety initiatives: new seating, communications systems,
  • Emergency lighting;
  • Technical upgrades for theatre productions and on-stage events including new sound booth, lighting grid, house lighting and sound systems.​

Drawings by Allan Avis Architect, External Garden features by Stantec.

Renovation and Revitalization